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Paula Jordan,Business Executive Officer of Food & Dairy


My role is Business Executive Officer of Food and Dairy which is the term Nestlé uses for Managing Director. I love this role because of the diversity of experiences I get from working in a fast dynamic set of categories – the other reason is the team feeling – we are a relatively small team in a multi-category company which gives us the best of both worlds – agility and expertise. My career journey at Nestlé has taken me from a functional lead in Marketing through to a General Management role which means I am learning and building my experience.

Why are balanced teams better for the business?

Balanced teams are better for business because consumers, shoppers and customers are different and balanced so we as a company need to reflect this to get great results and build a great culture reflective of society.

Who has inspired you?

My inspirations personally and professionally are the people that can make great changes whilst keeping their dignity and integrity – Nelson Mandela is a great role model – Arianna Huffington is a great example of a role model driving a new business model but recognising that switching off is as important as being connected – insightful from a communications guru!