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Jan 23, 2020
Smarties Buttons

There is now a completely new way to enjoy the colour and fun of one of Nestlé’s best-loved brands - with the launch of Smarties Buttons.

Smarties Buttons are available in milk, white and orange-flavoured chocolate, all containing mini Smarties. They will begin appearing in shops across the UK and Ireland from this week in both sharing bags and single packs.

Alberto Pisanello, Brand Manager for Smarties, said: “We know that Smarties hold special memories for so many people, and they are much loved for their bright colours, taste and texture. At the same time, consumers tell us they like their favourite brands to keep things fresh with exciting innovations and new varieties to try.

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Jan 17, 2020
Girl having cup of coffee

The nation’s capital city and the country’s second busiest airport feature in the latest video by Nestlé, centred on the UK’s headquarters.

This video shot in London and Gatwick is presented by Assistant Media Relations Manager Alex Price, who gives viewers a tour of the city. Highlights include Nespresso’s flagship boutique on the world famous Regent Street, as well as the first ever Nespresso café in the heart of the vibrant district of Soho.

Nestlé had its UK headquarters in Croydon, in greater London, for almost 50 years in “Nestlé Towers” before moving to Gatwick in 2012. With fast links to the capital and flights to the rest of the world, the airport-based office is an ideal location for company’s corporate headquarters.

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Jan 16, 2020

Nestlé today announced that it will invest up to CHF 2 billion to lead the shift from virgin plastics to food-grade recycled plastics and to accelerate the development of innovative sustainable packaging solutions.

Building on its 2018 commitment to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025, Nestlé will reduce its use of virgin plastics by one third in the same period whilst working with others to advance the circular economy and endeavor to clean up plastic waste from oceans, lakes and rivers.

Food quality and safety are paramount, and packaging plays a major role in assuring this. Most plastics are difficult to recycle for food packaging, leading to a limited supply of food-grade recycled plastics. To create a market, Nestlé is therefore committed to sourcing up to 2 million metric tons of food-grade recycled plastics and allocating more than CHF 1.5 billion to pay a premium for these materials between now and 2025. Nestlé will seek operational efficiencies to keep this initiative earnings neutral.

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Jan 13, 2020
KitKat Gold Caramel pack

Nestlé has unveiled a unique addition to its biggest confectionery brand - the new KitKat Gold.

KitKat Gold is a delectable combination of trademark crispy wafer on a smooth milk chocolate base, topped with creamy white chocolate that has sweet caramel notes. The four-finger treat will hit stores in the UK from the beginning of February.

A version of KitKat Gold was introduced in Australia in 2018 as a limited edition, and proved so popular that it was soon added to the permanent range.

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Jan 08, 2020
Nescafé Gold vegan lattes

Nestlé, the world’s biggest food and drink maker, is supporting Veganuary and the growing band of people eating less meat (flexitarians) with a wide range of products to help British and Irish consumers fully embrace new eating habits.

Nestlé has more choice than ever before for people who wish to follow flexitarian and vegan diets but do not wish to compromise on taste and value for money. In a big nod to Nestlé’s recent innovation efforts around plant-based ingredients, Subway UK has picked Nestlé Professional’s Garden Gourmet brand as the sole provider of vegan ‘meatballs’ in their new ‘Meatless Meatball Marinara’ which launched in January 2020 and is available in all Subway stores across the UK.

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