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Sarah Quinn, Maintenance Engineer

sarah quinn maintenance engineer

I first joined Nestlé as an engineering placement student in Beverages. This was my first experience of industrial engineering having studied the theory in university. After finishing my degree, I joined the engineering graduate scheme in a project engineering role with placements at both beverage and confectionery sites.

After five years with Nestlé, I'm now a Maintenance Engineer at Fawdon Factory. I work to improve the efficiency of our manufacturing lines by analysing our losses, improving our maintenance plans and implementing TPM preventative maintenance methodologies.

Why are you passionate about our UK & Ireland Women in Engineering network?

As a young girl, it can be hard to imagine yourself as an engineer. There’s a historic misconception that engineering is a man’s world, so females don’t really consider it as a career. Right now female engineers are often in the minority in the workplace – you can even be the only woman in your team.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to support our new Women in Engineering network. We were keen to understand who our female engineers are and bring them together.

When I was at school, no one talked to me about engineering as a career option. I was always passionate about science and maths so I did my own research and engineering was a perfect fit.

As a network, we want to get out into society and spread that message – that engineering is a great, interesting career for both men and women (and of course that Nestlé is a brilliant place to work!). We want to explain the different sides to engineering to help young women picture themselves in that environment. I believe the most powerful thing is to hear from someone who actually does that job and is passionate about it.”

Why do balanced teams matter?

I think balanced teams are vital in bringing together different perspectives and ways of thinking. This promotes innovation and improves creativity, which in turn leads to greater performance of our workforce.

Also by creating a balanced and inclusive culture, people feel that they belong and are equal. This allows individual members of our teams to be themselves at work, allowing them to perform to their full potential. A culture like this helps us to maintain our talented people and attract others into the organisation."

Who has inspired you?

My dad was a Project Manager for many years and has been my inspiration. The occasions where I had an insight into his work, peaked my interest and lead me to take the career path I have today.